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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

7 Best Multi-Muscle Exercises

7 Best Multi-Muscle Exercises

It’s all too easy to overdo it with a specific strength-building exercise and totally deplete your system of energy afterwards. Focusing on only some muscles and neglecting others can lead to an uneven distribution of muscle building, and no one wants that! Luckily, these 7 multi-muscle exercises hit several key areas at once, helping to tone your body from head to toe. From two-arm dumbbell rows and alternating lunges to burpees and dumbbell squats, you’ll sculpt your arms, legs, and back, among other areas!
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For excellent results and a fit-tastic figure, complete the routine twice a week to give your body adequate rest time. These 7 Best Multi-Muscle Exercises squeeze everything into one workout, helping you to finish the session more quickly while boosting metabolism and mood.
Equipment Needed: yoga mat, light to medium set of dumbbells (5-12 lbs)
What to Do: Perform each exercise for 40 seconds with 10 seconds rest in between each one. Rest 40 seconds after each round. This routine can be completed twice a week for total body toning.
Beginner Level: 2 rounds
Intermediate Level: 3 rounds
Advanced Level: 4 rounds

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