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Monday, August 14, 2017

Three Moves to Gain Upper Body Strength

Three Moves to Gain Upper Body Strength

Many women complain about lacking upper body strength. Lifting children, carrying bags while running errands, tasks at work, so many activities in our daily lives require some muscle! Having defined muscles and physical strength is no longer considered manly. Being a strong female with a toned and sculpted body is not only beautiful, but feminine as well. We’ve created a workout that will have you loving the results of your new found strength!
Equipment Needed: One to three sets of dumbbells of varying weights, a flat bench, stability ball, or floor with a mat
What To Do: Watch all video demonstrations before performing exercises. Perform 15 repetitions of each exercise without rest. Repeat the number of times indicated for each fitness level. Increase the weight with each round. It’s recommended to perform an upper body workout 2 times per week for optimal strength gaining results.
Beginner Level: Perform two rounds.
Intermediate Level: Perform three rounds.
Advanced Level: Perform four rounds.
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